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Not a resort, not a homestay, but to say that Jungle Beach is a hotel is not true. Perhaps, because of the simple beauty, fascinated by the pristine beaches that people refer to this secret paradise is the "sea west" village of Nha Trang coastal city.

Only 60km away from Nha Trang but Jungle Beach is completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city of Hon Heo peninsula in Ninh Phuoc commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province.

To reach Jungle Beach, you can refer to Route 1A to Hyundai Vinashin, then turn right. - This is a very rustic, rustic retreat with hand-carved furnishings by Canadian architects.

The first impression when you come to this secluded paradise is the very rustic space of Vietnam with thatched roofs, bamboo poles, bamboo poles, and banana bushes after the summer and beautiful white sand beaches.

In addition, the interesting thing that you can hardly find on the coast of Nha Trang with the experience of viewing the black-shanked douc langur only in Hon Heo.

In addition to swimming, relaxing in the hammock or enjoying fresh lemonade, you can enjoy a variety of beach activities such as volleyball on the beach, sunbathing, dark.

In particular, enjoy the "sea village" Jungle Beach you just pay the book room and the price is included breakfast. Fish dishes, prawns, squid, and fruit are very fresh.



  • Reasonable price
  • Design bungalow separately
  • Beautiful beach
  • The road & waterfalls very nice
  • Peace place
  • Foods & Drinking very fresh everyday
About - Jungle Beach Nha Trang
About - Jungle Beach Nha Trang
About - Jungle Beach Nha Trang